A Note (and apology) Regarding Seafood Availability


Seafood availability in Tasmania comes with its challenges.

Freight, the seasons, and the natural seasonality and harvest of different species all present unique challenges to presenting the freshest and best seafood Tassie has to offer.

As owners and as a team, we're obsessed with sourcing and presenting the freshest seafood possible. Our oysters are delivered and kept live on site, strictly only shucked to order. Our lucious prawns via Petuna clear 4x separate freight points on their way down from Crystal Bay; never once frozen in the process, retaining their plump texture and signature sweetness.

Scallops and mussels come and go seasonally; appearing via our lunchtime specials as frequently as mother nature will allow.

We keep strict order processes and trust our supply chain to deliver the freshest and best. Unfortunately, all these factors may occasionally conspire to reduce or restrict certain fresh seafood. It is our desire to sell these items out, rather than keep frozen or 'emergency' stock on hand.

“We would prefer to serve only the best, rather than compromise on quality.”

As such, certain menu items may not available for a few hours, or a few days, and for this we apologise. But we're certain you'll be thankful next time you return for your favourite seafood or dish, because fresh is best! We thank you for your understanding and are happy to discuss the intricacies of seafood logistics any time!

Please note, if you’re planning for a group or specialty item, it’s best to book a fews ahead to avoid any disappointment on the day. Most supply issues can be solved with 72hrs notice on group bookings or tours.

Pearl co-founders Claire & Paul have worked in the hospitality industry for a combined 40 years, managing and establishing businesses in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and now Tasmania, as well rural stints in the Yarra Valley, Margaret River and Broome's Cable Beach. Inspired by the beauty, produce and relaxed culture of the North West Coast, the couple have decided to raise their 4 young girls in North West Tassie, whilst working to highlight the produce and attractions of the region via Pearl Oyster Bar & Cafe Devonport.